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im here for advice, to be your friend, to bring a little more sunshine into your life than there already is! and if you just need someone to talk to!

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Monday, July 26, 2010


Welcome new followers!!! Thank you for joining my way of bringing a little bit more sunshine into your day! I hope that you enjoy reading my day to day adventures as much as I enjoy writing them for you to read!

Your goal today: tell someone you apreciate them for being in your life. And thank them for being there when you need them to be!

Remember; everyone is important no matter who you are. I pray that everyone feels important and that all those people out there who feel line a nobody, your everyone to me.

P.s sorry if this is horribly written I'm on an iPod! Ha ha

With love,


  1. Well, I just went out and told my husband how much I appreciated him fixing the broken sprinkler head (the one I ran over with the mower this morning) and he seemed surprised. Then he recruited me to help. Next time I'll wait until he's done to express my appreciation ;)