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Sunday, July 18, 2010


i think the thing that i hate most about my job is the fact that they are constantly pushing you to look like a certain thing, like one certain model just so they can show you off and people will buy your clothes. i hate that. becuase i am the complete opposite, i love being independent and wearing things that people wouldnt normally wear becuae i dont care what anyone thinks!!!! ha
i think the biggest thing that i struggled with in highschool was getting people to accept me. I feel like a lot of teens in highschool are that way, kids are soo unaccepting.. and it hurts other kids, if people just accepted who they were, everyone would be so much happier!!! we need to love eachother. and love ourselves, without love in your life, its unhappy, and you shouldnt let anyone or anything stand in your way of happiness!
i hate when people say, oh this persons so ugly. i dont think that one person in this world is ugly. god made us all beautifull in our own ways, we need to trust and love ourselfs and feel good in our bodies!
your goal for today: LOVE who you are. you are beautifull in your own way, dont let anyone tell you any different. Let your heart scream with happiness and overflow with joy, becuase you deserve it. love yourself.

i pray that anyone who hurts themselves becuase they dont feel beautifull or good enough or its suffering in a abusive relationship, all of those people who are told they are ugly.. i pray that you believe these words, and that im telling you that you are SO SO SO beautifull! i see that you are beautifull, because you truley are!

with love,


  1. Halfway through your last paragraph, after the "...", that should be taped to the mirror of every girl/woman so that she can be reminded every day that she wakes up that she is beautiful. What a wonderful way to start your day that would be. Awesome!

  2. i agree!!!! i just wish that these girls could see how truly beautifull they reallllyy are!