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Friday, July 23, 2010


sooo this week me and my boyfriend went too marthas vinyard, not only did we enjoy the wonderfull views of a beatifull private beach that we had all to ourselves; but we enjoyed delicious cupcakes at the wonderfull cupcakes store right around the corner in edgar town, E`s Cupcakes.
we walked into the store and asked about all the different types of frostings and cakes and the wonderfull lady behind the corner asked us if we would like to try some frosting! and of course we diddnt refuse! we asked how many we could try and she then asked us how many fingers we have! we tried every single frosting in that little cupcake store! all the way down to peanut butter! it was soo yummy! it made me feel all warm inside i loved it!

i hope that everyone gets to feel as warm inside as i did about these cupcakes! they were awesome! i never would have went into the cupcake store if i wasnt looking hard enough. its soo little!

YOUR GOAL FOR TODAY: notice the little things in life, instead of only taking in the big picture remember all the little ones along the way.

with love,

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