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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Al Green-Lets Stay Together

This is a picture of the place i went last night it has the BEST beach pizza.. So last night was probably one of the most boring nights i ever had, but i spent it with my best friend so we had a good night anyways, we went and got pizza at the beach and enjoyed laughing about almost everything and anything possible! If you arent familiar with what beach pizza is i will tell you! Well beach pizza is pizza thats a thin crust pizza with very little cheese and a sweet sauce! its so delicous, and actually A LOT healthier for you than regular pizza, unless you pay the extra like 10 cents for the extra cheese like i do!:) haha

Sometimes in life you have to look at the positive things instead or looking at all the of the things that are negative in your life. Last night I could have thought about how much it sucked that we had nothing to do, how much it sucked that we drove around, how much it sucked that noone had asked us to hang out Etc. But i thought about how nice it was that i got to spend a great night with someone who i can laugh with, and have a great time talking about everything with! So even if you woke up this morning and the sun wasnt shining, think about how you have the WHOLE day ahead of you, how you can acomplish anything you want today. Thats why i think a lot of the times relationships have a hard time being sucessful, becuase its almost like after the "honeymoon phase" you only look at the positives, and never think about how great that person is, how much you enjoy spending time with them.

Song i listened too while writing this:

your goal for today: take a second and tell someone something positive you like about them. Itll make them feel good, and i can almost garuntee you that they will say something nice back that`ll make you feel even better!!!

with love,

Friday, April 29, 2011


hey guysss

soo i know you alll watched the royal wedding this morning at 4 AM!!! I actually did not watch it, i had to work, but im not sure why people made it such a huge deal, i mean yeah its a wedding, but im not gonna wake up at 4 in the morning to watch it yannooo!!!

anyways, sorry for the really short posts latley, ive been really busy, but when i get more time im gonna start posting videos on make-up tutorials!! soo look out for those!

your goal for today: go outside! its beautiful out there!:)

with love,

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hellooo everyonee!!!
this is gonna be a short post cause i have some friends over but i wanted to post SOMETHING
soo today was a great dayy, i had the day off and it was reallllly hot outside so it was nice to be able to just be outside. I sometimes feel as though i have literally no motivation to excersise, its honestly like a task i have to get done!!

soo today i tried to go for a run, but i have shin splints so it makes it REALLLLLY hard.
i wish i knew how to make them go away, but i have no clueeee
does anyone know how to heal shin splints?

your goal for today: get motivated about something youve wanted to acomplish for a while now. TODAY IS THE DAYY!!!

with love,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

black eyes

heyyyy everyoneee!!! soo im not sure how many people actually read my blog, but im hoping that i can get some more followers, so tell me guys, what would you like to hear on here?
If you guys want help getting your blog out there for people to read i can help! ill put a link in my blog on here if you do the same for me too!

anywaysssss, so yesterday was a pretttyy boring day, but i decided to do a little project with my brother, so you all know that I am an aspiring make up artist.. or atleast i hope you know! I know that I dont talk about it much on here, but i amm:) so i was surfing through some videos on youtube yesterday and learned how to do like a black eye and wounds and stuff so i wanted to try!!! soo heres my brother with a black eye!!! it looks pretty real if ya ask mee!!!:)

if you guys want a tutorial on how to do this, let me know and i can see if i can get my brother to let me put make up on him again! hehe

your goal for today: do something different, you dont want today to be exactally the same as yesterday.

with love and a "black eye",

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

John Mayer - Clarity

helloooo everyoneeee,

SO i havent written to you guys in a while, but ive decided im going to make it a point to write AT LEAST once a day.. it seems as though i keep trying to do so and it gets hard and hectic to try and write, but im reallly going to try this time for you guys!:)

A lot of the times in peoples lives, we tend to worry soooo much and try and get everything done, and theres SOOO many things that we just let pass by and dont take the time to enjoy. If we keep letting these things pass us by, then we`ll keep missing the little things that make life soo much better and easier. And this is what I had been doing for a while, worrying about work and what time i had to be there, and money and blah blah blah the list goes on... In no way am i trying to tell you that these things arent important, becuase they are VERY important, but the most important thing in life, is you being happy. if you arent happy, than what was all that hard work you just did for? Why waste your time on something that is ultimately making you unhappier. So yes, work hard, work REALLY hard, on something that makes you happier than you were yesterday.

your goal for today: Stop and smell atleast one flower. Listen to the birds chirp for atleast one minute. Listen to your favorite song. Play with your kids. Do whatever makes YOU happy today. Today is the day. embrace it.

i love this songgg, i hope you do tooo!!:) I Listened to this while i wrote this.. :)

john mayer- clarity

with love and clarity,