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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


so i was sitting on the train with my boyfriend in boston yesterday.. and i know i havent been on here a lot recently, but i did graduate a couple days ago!!!! woo!!!:) anywho, ive been kind of lost in what i wanna do next year, as of right now, i have no plans, im not enrolled in any school or anything, and i know, this sounds like rediculous like, WHAT AM I DOING? but i guess i have a good reason. im not really sure what i wanna do.. but anwyays, back to the train, so that doesnt seem completly irrelevant. haha. so yeah, i was sitting on the train, and i look up, and you know the signs in the train that have like advertisments? well, im sure ive mentioned this before, but i want to be a make-up artist, i mean it just fits me so perfectly, im an artist, and i love love making people happy, and i lvoe doing make-up. SO, why not? right, im deffinatly not one of those people who wanna sit in a cubicle for the rest of my life. i want to go out there and experience new things, make a difference in peoples lives! SO finally back to the train part.. hahaha so i look up, and the first thing i see it..... ELIZABETH GRADY it says, this is where carears start. for those of you who have no idea what kind of school ELIZABETH GRADY is, its a estitician school, for make-up artists, masousses, and estiticains, anyways, so maybe this is a sign that i need to go for my dreams and not to let anytyhing hold me back!

soo for all of you people sitting there, reading this thinking, man, i have this dream, and im sitting here not doing anytyhing about it, what are you doing girl/boy! GO FOR IT! NOTHING SHALL HOLD YOU BACK!

question of the day: whats your biggest dream, and how are you planning on persuing it?

with love, stephanie