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Thursday, November 11, 2010

my blood - please help.

sometimes in life you realize that everything that you have is nothing im comparison to your family. After everything is said and done, the only things that matter in your life is your blood.
Im hopeing that someone on here can help me with this.. maybe one of you can relate to this situation and help me on what to do, because im lost. I also think that it is ironic that after this just happend to me less than an hour ago, i get an e-mail saying that i should write a blog. So maybe this is a sign of something.

my brother is probably the most important thing to me..
he has bipolar. he was diagnosed about a three years ago..
and now, were finding out that he might have OCD.. but not just any OCD, HOCD.. its a type of OCD that makes you do certain things becuase you are paranoid that you might be gay. so you test yourself constantly, you do things that you believe "prevent you from being gay.." this type of OCD is real and its something that truley breaks you down. epecially when you know in your heart that you truley feel a certain way.
im scared becuase i would never want him to do something that would hurt himself. but he said to me tonight that he doesnt know what to do anymore. After i said, "please dont do anything stupid."
i think i need therapy myself.

i hope you guys can take this in open arms and give me advice without judging this whole situation cause im really opening up here.
thank you everyone for listening to me.

with love and all the hope in the world,