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im here for advice, to be your friend, to bring a little more sunshine into your life than there already is! and if you just need someone to talk to!

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


SOOO, im gonna start putting pitures and videos on here once i get more used to this whole thing, and once more people start following meee!! please follow me! i promise, you wont regret it:)
question for today; whats your favorite past time?

dont forget to smile today, even though maybe not for you guys but here in mass is nice and rainy!:( hahaha.
try and soak up whatever sun you can!:)
with loveee,

What do you do on your rainy days?

Oh my goodnes, it has been raining alll dayyyy!!!-
i hope none of you have been feeling as tired and groggy as i have today. i only love the rain if i have to stay inside all day, but other than that, i hate it, i loveee the sunn!!!:) on my rainy days i love to cuddle up all warm in my bed, with some munchies, andd some tea or hot coacoa, and get all comfy and watch a nice movieee:)
i was just wondering what you guys do on your rainy days, hopefully something fun! let me knowwww!!!:)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

what wont kill you will make you stronger!

going for a run seems like a good idea:) i was thikning because im going through a pretty hard time getting through highschool just trying to graduate and get it over with! and i just want all of you too remember;you can work through anything in your life, no matter how hard it seems, even through the pain and the suffering, just remember that what doesnt kill you will make you stronger! haha diddnt mean to quote kanye, but WHATEVER:)
smile today, and soak up the sun!
with love,

nordstrom fail.

okayyy so last night, i went to nordstrom, and iw as very very very disapointed with the store becasue the website has WAYYY cuter dresses! so i diddnt find anything:(
BUT i went to Jc Penny`s and i found some really really fun and cute dresses there, but nothing to wear to prom, jsut fun stuff to try on!:)
If you guys know of any cute stores and websites that have cute dresses let me know, id LOVE to look at them!:)

with love,

Saturday, March 27, 2010

okayy so im very very very excited because i got a client for prom!
Ive been trying to ask around to see who would want me to do their make-up for prom, and im not charging, so that i can just get experience i guess! soo thats good.
and on an even BETTER note, my grandmother was in the hospital, and i just found out today, that shes going to be okayy!!:) im sooo happy, i love my grandmother soo much, shes such a beautifull and wise women, shes always enriched me with her knowledge, im so greatful that i have such great people surounding me.
so let me explain to you what i plan on talking about on this blog...
i plan to talk about every day experiences i have, things that bother me, things that make me happy, things that i think everyone should think about, ill post questions that i have that im interested to see what other people think.
im also planning on posting some videos on here too!
anyways, im outta here i gotta go get ready for prom dress shopping im SOOO exicted, ill post some of the dresses i looked at on here later! hope you have a great day today!

soak up the sun!
with love,
stephanie lynn

Thursday, March 25, 2010

hey guysss!-
okay so this is my firsttt blogg on this, im VERYYY excited to start this, because i want to reach out to different people.
I feel like you can never meet enough people in life, i feel as though life gives you sooo many different opportunites that you MUST take advantage of, so this is what im doing!
anywaysss, so im an aspiring make-up artist, I want to eventually do make-up for movies and photoshoots and really fun stuff like that! so hopefully you`ll stay tuned for this journey of mine! because im going to be posting tons of posts about whats going on, different steps im taking to further this dream for me. im graduating highschool this yearr and i cannnottt wait untill i can get moving on this dream of mine.
one of my biggest inspirations is Kandee Johnson, im sure youve heard of her, shes amazingggggg, she makes me feel better about myself everytime i read one of her blogs, she has such a big heart, with TONS of love in it, and im so greatfull that i came across her on youtube!
OKAY, so here goes, hopefully someone follows on this journey ill be taking!

with loveeeee,