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Sunday, May 2, 2010

please pray for me!

I guess you never realize what youve got untill its gone..
i am so thankfull that i have such a great family that can support eachother during this hard time..
i dont think ill ever be able to go back to wendys again, because for me, i associate place with memories...
today i was having a not exactally a "nice" lunch with my boyfriend, but we were still eating something! at wendys.. now let me fill you in on exactaly what happend last night..

so i pretty much live with my boyfriend now at his house, so i always have my car with me because he just totaled his, and i let him use my car every so often when he needs it... well his parents have been away all weekend so i was there with him... 1:00 rolls around... the phone rings. its corey ryans younger brother...
" dude can you come get me im wicked drunk im hammered.. im puking everywhere!" not so pleasant. i know.. anywho.. so i let him go use my car to go pick up his drunken brother... keep in mind that i had to work at 7 the following morning.. three rolls around and im still awake worried sick about his little brother because he had not stopped puking.. so finally he fell asleep, and then.. BOOOMMM, we hear a loud noise downstars. my boyfriend RUNS downstairs.. and guess who it is.. two of ryans little brothers friends.. they wanted to stay there for the night, but we diddnt want to be resposible for all of these underaged drunk kids.. so we said no of course.. so that was that and we went back to bed.. i wake up the next morning to orange juice slpashed ALLL OVER MY CAR... i was not too happy to say the least... i contemplated calling the cops.. but what proof did i have!?

anyways, so back to the whole wendys thing.. so we are at wendys and my phoen rings.. i was expecting it to be one of the boys who put orange juice all over my car... but nope, it was my grandmother...

what happend next was so unexpected,
she told me my aunt had passed away....

i LOVED my aunt, she was my idol, my strength the person who i knew i could ALWAYS turn too no matter what.. she was like a second mom to me.. we were extremly close.. i lost it.. i diddnt know what to do...

anyways, i pray that all of the people who have lost someone or has a family member who is sick that they have an easy grieving process and if they have cancer or any type or illness that it is cured..


with all my love and prayers...
stephanie lynn


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. There's nothing anyone can say that will take away your pain, just know that there are people out here in cyberspace that are sending a hug your way. Please continue to journal through your blog, it's a wonderful way to honor your aunt and work through this hard time.

  2. thank you soo much!! that really meant a lot to me! its been a rough time. but it will get easier!