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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


i cannotttt believe that in 4 hours, im going to be completly finished with highschool! Onto the big scary world for me.. ahh that just scared tha bajeebers outa me! ha ha ha
i remember my very first day of highschool, i was only the wee little age of 14 ha! thats so long ago! anyways, my mommy dropped me off, and i said to her, " mom i cant believe im in highschool now!" and she said, " slow down, it flys by!" and who knew... MOMMA WAS RIGHT! man, did highschool fly by. i am going to miss it a lot though. i mean of course i wont miss doing the homework and getting up early and all of that fun stuff! but of course the people i see tommorow i probably will never see them again after graduation. I mean sure, ill probably see them at coffee shops in boston or at the store when im shopping for groceries for my family. but i guess what really really scares me, is that this means i am no longer a kid, a teenager.. i mean yes i am obviously a teenager still. but i am now a young adult. SCARY!

my favorite highschool memory.. hmm let me see..

i honestly love color day. its so much fun. people get all painted in the school colors and we have a competition between all of the classes to see who can do the best.. i mean of course the seniors win every single year, but its always fun just to rub it in all the underclassmens faces! aahhaha no im kiding i love the underclassmen, they are all really nice, and ill miss them all too!

anyways im going to bed, i cannot wait untill tommorow were doing a class prank, but i cant put it on here yet! ill have to wait to post pictures of it too! hwhehe

did you do any senior pranks when you graduated? do tell!

with huge love,

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