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Sunday, April 11, 2010

HELLO EVERYONE! im soooo sorry i havent been writing more often ive just been really busy and what not! but i got paid this week, THANK GOODNESS and i was like oh myy ineeda go spend some moneyy soo i deffinatly went on somewhat of a shopping spree.:/ oops! hahah but its okay!:) heres some wicked fun jewlery i bought! i love this ring from charlotte russe for 4$ and these earrings also from charlotte russe for 4$. they have this really cool sale going on where you can buy earrings and rings and jewlery and stuff for like 2 for eight! its awesome! i also applied there and i have an interview tommorow, so WISH ME LUCK!

ALSO, i went into sephora and had a field day, i knwo this is a horrible picture but i bought some really pretty brown eye shadow and i kind of did just a simple like winged out eye look, i have on bene-fits boing concealer and their some-kind- of gorgous foundation with bene-fit badgal lash mascaraaa andddd http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P146217&categoryId=S10501&shouldPaginate=true

anyways i hope you guys enjoyed this blog, ill write again tommorow, have a great day, and remember; your all beautifull in your own ways!!!!!:)

with love,
stephanie lynn<3

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  1. Good luck with your interview tomorrow. Let us know how it goes.