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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


so i started this blog exepecting a lot, i knew that itd be hard to actually have people isten to what i say.. but ive had this for a good couple of months now.. and only 3 followers one of them being me.

i almost feel like this reflects on my home life too. now that highschool is over, it feels amazing its like, now i can start over, i dont have to be put under some stupid expectation that the people at highschool have put me under. i mean granted im not like a nerd, but im not one of those plastic girls, you know? but thats besides the point, i want to create who i really am for people. i want people too look at me for who i actually am! blahh i guess i thought this site would help, but its not really how i expected, im slowly losing hope on here. if theres anyone out there, let me know! please.

i pray that all the people in the world that feel lonley right now, know that im sitting there right with them, that they arent alone, that im always here to listen.

with love,

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  1. Keep going, it just takes awhile. I did my first post in October of 2008 and I still only have 24 followers. My sister started her blog a year after I did and she has over 250 followers. Her blog is much more specialized than mine so she got quick readership. I started doing it more for myself and a few people that are close to me but I've picked up a few people since I started. That was just a bonus. If you like to write and you do it regularly, it will serve it's purpose. We just don't always know what that purpose is. So don't give up and try not to get too frustrated with the process.