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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


okay so i just realized that i havent updated you all on how my interview went! HOW SILLY OF ME!

wellll I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!
its awesome, i love working because its almost like shopping every single day, HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!?!?!?!?

and everyone seems to really like me there, which i loveee....

on a even BETTER NOTE: I GRADUATE IN 7 DAYS!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO oh my goodness you wont even believe how much i cannot wait.. haha its like im counting down the days which is horribe, but heyyyy who cahresss riight!!???

also, who else in new england is like, WHERE THE HECK IS THE WARM WEATHER! im fahreazzzinggggggg brrrrr.. ha ha ha

tommorow is also the art festival which is advertised around the school with one of my paintings as the poster!!!!!! here it is! and me of course.. heheheheh i LOVE IT!

OH and heres my charlotte russe name tag.. SUPER COOL! hehe i know im such a nerd. BUT WHATEVAHHH i think its cool!!! hehe i love it when all my friends come to visit me! its soo funnn!

i feel soo thankfull that i have this job and i hate to think about all of the homeless people suffering and cant find a job to support their family..i feel like a lot of the time we take for granted the good things that we have!

anyways, im off to rest my sleepy little head! thank goodness i dont have to wake up too early tommorow! i wish all of you a goodnights rest and that you have many funfilled dreams!

with love and hugs,

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