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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Al Green-Lets Stay Together

This is a picture of the place i went last night it has the BEST beach pizza.. So last night was probably one of the most boring nights i ever had, but i spent it with my best friend so we had a good night anyways, we went and got pizza at the beach and enjoyed laughing about almost everything and anything possible! If you arent familiar with what beach pizza is i will tell you! Well beach pizza is pizza thats a thin crust pizza with very little cheese and a sweet sauce! its so delicous, and actually A LOT healthier for you than regular pizza, unless you pay the extra like 10 cents for the extra cheese like i do!:) haha

Sometimes in life you have to look at the positive things instead or looking at all the of the things that are negative in your life. Last night I could have thought about how much it sucked that we had nothing to do, how much it sucked that we drove around, how much it sucked that noone had asked us to hang out Etc. But i thought about how nice it was that i got to spend a great night with someone who i can laugh with, and have a great time talking about everything with! So even if you woke up this morning and the sun wasnt shining, think about how you have the WHOLE day ahead of you, how you can acomplish anything you want today. Thats why i think a lot of the times relationships have a hard time being sucessful, becuase its almost like after the "honeymoon phase" you only look at the positives, and never think about how great that person is, how much you enjoy spending time with them.

Song i listened too while writing this:

your goal for today: take a second and tell someone something positive you like about them. Itll make them feel good, and i can almost garuntee you that they will say something nice back that`ll make you feel even better!!!

with love,

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