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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


sometimes it takes other people putting things in perspective for you to really relize that things really do happen for a reason. let me tell you a story. me and my frieds go to this bar eveynight on tuesdays for kareoke. Well probably three months ago I met this guy there, his name is brian. well brian and I continued to ahng out after we met and it turned into a hook up. Well i told him originally that that was exactaly what i diddnt want and he insisted that, that wasnt the case. (insert every womens recaction here.) after about three months of hooking up and lies and whatever else he wants to call it, i called him out on all of his bullshit. andd pretty much that ship sailed.. wellllll three moinths later tonight actually i went to the same bar. and its so funny because i honestly am a firm believer that everything really does happen or a reason. Well as i walk into the bar the first people that I see are brians cousin and his friend. suprisngly they were actually really nice to me! they continued to talk about how much of a douche bag brian really is. Okay, if you OWN cousin is telling someone that you arent a good person, than there honestly has to be something wrong. They really showed me what kind of a person he really is, and it makes me happier about what happend, that i dodged a bullet and that this was meant to happen that way because somthing out there that is so much better is waiting for me. with love and clarity, Stephanie

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