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Monday, January 3, 2011

25 pounds in 30 days. day 1

okay, sooo im sure you have all made this new years resolution one year or another, i know i have! but this year is different, its time to take controll of my life and get in shape and improve my health! about a month ago i discovered that i have high blood pressure due to my lifestyle. i have poor eating habbits, and i dont work out enough, therefore im jeapordizing my health.
I now take two types of blood pressure medication in order to regulate my blood pressure.. let me remind you all of how old I am... 20 years old. at 20 years old I weigh 165 pounds. my doctor told me i need to lose 25 pounds in order for him to even consider taking me off of medication.
SO here is what im doing about it, i figure if i write about my experiences in trying to lose weight for my health it might motivate other people to do the same and get healthier them selves! because it really is so important, and i guess i hadnt relized this untill i found out of my blood pressure issues.

so, today, is... day 1

Today it was really hard for me to even think about getting anything physical done, i dont have to work or anything all i have to do is, well, nothing, and I diddnt really eat that healthy today either. but i did make some sort of an effort. Veggie pizza, with no soda, which is ussually one of my favorites with pizza. Than i came home and ate some chips, and a salad. SOOO i guess i diddnt really do well with eating today, hopefully tommorow is a little better. OH and i get my blood pressure checked tommorow so i will let you all know about that too!

I have recently become obsessed with jillian micheals, she honestly kicks my but on on demand, so i did 6 week 6 pack today on on demand, WOO! she kicks my butt, anddd i did her 30 day shred thinger too, let me tell you i never notived how much out of shape i am. hopefully this stuff gets easier and i can show you guys that anyone can do this!
I just want you guys to know that you can do anything with the willpower for it.
if you have somehting that you need to get done, just get it done!!! itll feel soo much better afterwards!!!
sore and with love,

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  1. I tried to comment yesterday but it didn't work so I'll try again today. It's good that you're starting on a lifestyle adjustment while you're still so young. You're catching it while it's still manageable and that's a huge plus. Take it one day at a time and make better choices. If you get off track for a meal or a day, don't let it completely derail you. Start back on track at the next meal, day or opportunity. You'll do great! Keep us posted.