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Sunday, September 5, 2010


soo i havent posted in a while, but i felt like this is something that i need to relieve my stress with right now. haha.

you have no idea how fustrating it is, so get a promotion and be really happy about it. but at the same have someone trying to crush you. i am trying soo hard to move up at work, to try to get a managers position but have someone pushing you down! UGHH im soo fustrated, i dont know what to do to fix this mess.

heres what happend:

i work at charllotte russe, and i recently got asked to be the stock specialist. i also told my manager that i was intersted in getting the position of one of the manager who recently found another job. BUT becuase power is such an important thing to people these days, this girl that works with me, has to pull a hissy fit when she overheard someone talking about me possibly getting the position. goes around tells everything that im possibly getting the position, making it a huge deal, so now i look like the bad person. because i expressed my interest in getting this position. HOW DO I GET OUT OF THIS....
i could do one of three things..

- talk to my manager and be like, " look i dont know why this is such a huge issue because nothign is set in stone right now, but i promise you that i am not the one going around saying anything. and i appologize, i shouldnt have said anything about this position."

- work my butt off and show them that i seriously deserve this position and just keep my mouth shut, and hope for the best.

- talk to the girl, and be like, " look, i honestly dont want there to be drama between me and you, im sorry i mentioned anything to you, i honestly shouldnt have, i got excited about the idea of it, and nothing was really said, but i thought that i could have confided in you as my friend to tell you some exciting news. but its okay, i understand your fustrations, and i am sorry."





  1. i have no idea why the tittle of this is not in the right language. hahah

  2. You have just learned a very important lesson about co-workers and that is that over-sharing can lead to problems. Here's the thing, the people you work with (today and in whatever job you have in the future) are your competitors. Now some of them will be wonderful to work with and be happy for your accomplishments and cheer you on. But some of them will feel that your gain is their loss. They will feel resentful of any good that comes your way. And they will try to make you look bad in order to make themselves look better. I completely understand your frustration at not being able to share with all of your coworkers when you think something good is happening, but it is better to have a friend or family member outside of work that you can share with. Also, nothing is for sure until it is in writing and in effect so I would avoid sharing anything until it's a done deal. On a happy note, I think it would be awesome if you got the position and I'm hoping for you!

  3. yeahh unfortunatly, i had to learn that lesson the hard way.. but i guess its for the better, i wont ever do something like that ever again. its looking pretty good right now, but we will see!!! thanks so much for reading, you always have something really nice that makes me feel that much better about the situation!

  4. Hey Stephanie, it's been too long without a post. Hope all is well and that you're just super busy at work/school. Take care!