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Thursday, March 25, 2010

hey guysss!-
okay so this is my firsttt blogg on this, im VERYYY excited to start this, because i want to reach out to different people.
I feel like you can never meet enough people in life, i feel as though life gives you sooo many different opportunites that you MUST take advantage of, so this is what im doing!
anywaysss, so im an aspiring make-up artist, I want to eventually do make-up for movies and photoshoots and really fun stuff like that! so hopefully you`ll stay tuned for this journey of mine! because im going to be posting tons of posts about whats going on, different steps im taking to further this dream for me. im graduating highschool this yearr and i cannnottt wait untill i can get moving on this dream of mine.
one of my biggest inspirations is Kandee Johnson, im sure youve heard of her, shes amazingggggg, she makes me feel better about myself everytime i read one of her blogs, she has such a big heart, with TONS of love in it, and im so greatfull that i came across her on youtube!
OKAY, so here goes, hopefully someone follows on this journey ill be taking!

with loveeeee,

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